About Roleshare


At Roleshare, our goal is to enable a sustainable workforce, where people and companies get more from roles, and where full-time balance in work and life is normal – regardless of the reason. We help people who want to work part time connect, combine skills, and apply for exciting full-time roles together.


What is it?

A platform that connects part time employees together to fulfill full time roles at progressive companies looking to attract diverse talent.

Meet the team.

Sophie Smallwood - on founding team of Workplace by Facebook
Dave Smallwood - Led PayPal UK sales and partnerships
Ahmad Mousavi - Published Machine Learning engineer
Polly Howden - Led product for Just 3 Things 
Ali Minaei - Advising in the technology stack
Desigan Chinniah - Advising in the startup space
Lynda Gratton - Professor at London Business School

👀 We're hiring

Our company is fully remote, and we're assembling a team of extraordinary talent to revolutionize how and where work is done in the future.

We're looking for our first engineers, lead product manager, and community manager as we gear up to launch 

If you're an engineer please reach out to Ahmad

If you're in product please reach out to Polly