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Roleshare is the smart matching site for shared roles. Share the work and pay of a full-time job. Twice the smarts with full-time balance in life and at work.

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We make finding a match

Our mission is to enable all people to have balanced lives with career growth - regardless of the reason.



We make finding a match easy. Our mission is to enable all people to have balanced lives with career growth - regardless of the reason.

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What is sharing a role / job share?


It's like a micro team - two people with complementary skills share the role and pay of a full-time job. They alternate working days or weeks, have a proper handover, share tools and communications channels, and keep productivity going full time. As for operational logistics with HR and management - every company is different. We plan to announce partnerships that offer tools, services, and technologies to support the operations of a flexible working culture.

Why Are you a recruiting company?

We want equal opportunity for flexibility and career growth - and we feel sharing a role is the best bet. Our goal is to make it easy (1) for people to find a match to share a role with, (2) to find relevant shared roles, and (3) for HR and line managers to set it up. We are not a recruiting company, but we invite recruiters to post exciting job share opportunities for candidates with us. is a smart web application that matches people for shared roles and matches them to job share opportunities.

What are the benefits of sharing a role / job share?

Bucket loads. Employees get a fulfilling career and role while having extra time back in a week. They also get a buddy that is equally committed to the success of the role - holding each other accountable, learning from each other, strategising together, and encouraging each other. Employers get twice the smarts, when typically they settle for one set of skills for a role. They also get more than typical full-time coverage on the role - when one partner is away on leave, the other can keep things progressing. They also retain employees and attract new talent.

How long has this flexible work option existed?

Sharing a role / job share has been around in education, hospitals, and the public sector for ages. Also, many other industries have been doing it, without knowing it. For example, a copywriter and art director at an advertising agency can in many instances stand in for each other; and shift workers that require a handover every day are in many ways sharing a role too.

Why have I not heard of role / job sharing before?

Short answer - up until now it was ahead of its time.

Long answer - 2001 was when job share was at its peak with over 26% of companies offering it as a perk (Source:, today 9% of companies in the US offer it as a benefit (source: Society of Human Resources Management). Typical jobshare arrangements have been lucky matches between people in the same company, with the same need for flexibility, and complementary skills - not scalable. It's a perk that was ahead of its time.Today, 40% of Fortune 100 top companies support jobshare among their company perks, but only 1-2% of employees do it. Roleshare interviewed 26 Directors and VPs of HR about job sharing - 62% felt it is too difficult to set up, but 57% said they would use a service that helps set it up.To scale and sustain such a flexible arrangement, companies need the support of HR and enterprise communications technology, which did not exist in 2001. Now is the time.

Who can share a role?

Anyone eligible for hiring, so long as a company supports the arrangement. Roleshare will match your experience to other people who complement you.

How does the interviewing process work?

Firstly, you'll create a profile on We will then match you to other candidates and job share roles based on our secret algorithm. Our goal is to make your application process super easy and smooth - no different than any other role. We're still working that through, but have good things coming! We will suggest when you should meet your roleshare match(es). As for interviewing together or separately that will depend on the company and hiring manager's preference. We will certainly be sharing suggested best practices with partner companies.

What about salary and compensation scheme?

Similarly to any role on any team, that's up to each company and the hiring manager, and will vary based on industry, experience, role, etc. We'll be sure to share best practices over time.

What if my Roleshare partner isn't a good match?

We aim to present the best possible matches based on a number of criteria. We encourage candidates to be as accurate as possible in their profile and to e-meet to determine chemistry. Anyone new to a company in a job share arrangement will go through normal company hiring processes. If an employee is seeking to job share with an internal or external candidate she or he should absolutely be part of the interviewing process. Also, people sharing a role will be able to review each other on and this will enhance their profile for future job share opportunities. As as for performance management, this will be in line with individual company policies.

Will it be extra work or confusing for my manager, greater team, and customers?

It should not. Job sharing is like a micro-team based on complimentary strengths and expertise areas. There is no need for duplication. No need to do individual one-to-ones, partners should be reviewed together, and review each other. They need to be clear on areas of expertise and ownership with themselves, the greater team, customers, vendors, etc. - but each can stand in for the other.

What if I want stop the arrangement or get promoted?

That's perfectly fine. You'd follow the procedure set forth by your company in your contract.

How do I become a corporate partner of Roleshare?

Recruiters, companies, consultancies, HR and enterprise communication technologies welcome! We're looking for exciting roles and partnerships to enable full-time balance and equal opportunity for flexibility and career growth. We want to entice the disappearing workforce to come back or those on the brink to not disappear. We'd love to have you as part of village of movers and shakers. Let's talk pronto monto - email us

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